[TYPO3] TS: Supply minW/minH with a value from a register

Joerg Wagner - DigiLog multimedia usenet at digilog.de
Sat Mar 11 00:23:08 CET 2006

Hi all!

I am going nuts on this one - tried it for hours now:

I have the width and height for an img_resource stored in a register.
In my case I have to use the minW and minH properties of the img_resource to 
scale my image.
But unfortunatelly just these two properties are NOT of data type "pixel / 
stdWrap" but just of type "pixel".
Seems I can't find any way to get my values from the register into these 

Funny enough, similar properties of img_resource are of data type "pixel / 
stdWrap", like the properties width, height, and even maxW and maxH.
I have tested all of these and can easily transfer my values from the 
register to the property.
Just the two props minW and minH refuse cooperation (which is understandable 
concerning that they are only of type "pixel").

Any workaround for this?!? Any idea why these two props are not of data type 
"pixel / stdWrap"?!?
Thanks for your help! It is much appreciated (and very neccesary!).

Jörg Wagner
DigiLog multimedia 

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