[TYPO3] How to swith to page_language_overlay in a CONTENT cobject

Laurent Signorini lsignorini at ariane-ingenierie.fr
Fri Mar 10 13:42:31 CET 2006


i use the following Typoscript to generate an HTML content with the 
title, and the abstract fields from all pages just inside a master page.

   subparts.CONTENU = COA
   subparts.CONTENU {
     10 = CONTENT
     10 {
       table = pages
       select {
         pidInList = this  /* PID of the master page, which is the 
current page */
       renderObj = COA
       renderObj {
       5 = TEXT
       5 {
         field = title
       10 = TEXT
       10 {
         field = abstract

This Typoscript works very well (with the default language) until i 
switch the language, since the alternative language page content are 
store in the page_language_overlay table.
Someone could help me to give me a solution in order to obtain the same 
resultat also when the language is not the default language.
Hope this is clear.


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