[TYPO3] Re: [Typo3] paypal subscription based membership

Sven Homrighausen sven_hom at gmx.de
Fri Mar 10 13:37:03 CET 2006

Jeremy Pettet schrieb:
> Hello All,
>> is there an paypal extension which adds users to a certain usergroup 
>> after payment is processed through paypal?
> I know this is a sparse requirments but can anyone estimate the cost to 
> develop such a extension? Email me privately if you prefer.
> Thanks,
> Jeremy Pettet
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Hi there!

Although this discussion started about one year ago, I just wanted to 
know if anyone has made some experiences with the mentioned feature.
This is what I'm looking for right now to solve some problems in a 
current project.

I've already searched the avaliable extensions but couldn't find 
anything. If there is no extension to use, it would be helpful if anyone
could give me some hints to get started.

Does anyone implemented this feature already?

Thanks and greetings,

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