[TYPO3] Problem with FORM cObject

Martin Stiehl m.stiehl at gmx.de
Fri Mar 10 13:38:01 CET 2006

JoH schrieb:
  > It's very easy:
> tt_content.mailform.20 contains an additional setup for recipient.
> recipient.field = subheader
> so you will have to clear this first.
> plugin.tx_jagallery_pi1.shoppingcart.form.recipient >
> plugin.tx_jagallery_pi1.shoppingcart.form.recipient =
> webmaster at freistiehlkunst.de

thanks for the suggestion. your right, i forgot to clear these. but that 
doesn't seems to be the solution.

The .redirect works now, but the .recipient still doesn't (no 
hiddenfield generated, no mail sent).

I just wonder how it works in the normal case since there isn't a 
hiddenfield neither. I think it must has something to do with that 
locationData thing...


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