[TYPO3] Problem with TemplaVoila Print Version (and perhaps RealURL?)

Sven Wagenhöfer sven.wagenhoefer at pocketbrain.de
Thu Mar 9 18:11:34 CET 2006

Hi there!

I tried to create a print version of my page - this should be easy 
enough ;-)
I created print-templates for my main-template and my flexible content 
elements (as described as a Sub Template with printer friendly). In my 
Real-URL Configuration I have under fileName
'print.html' => array(
	'keyValues' => array(
		'print' => 1,
which should generate the print version, urldecodecache and encodecache 
and chashcache is enabled.
However, the moment I make my main print template and empty FE Cache and 
typo3conf-Cache, the whole page switches to the Print-Template.

My configuration is T3 3.8.1 with RealURL 1.0 and TV 0.4.

I hope anyone here can give me a hint where else to look :)

THanks a lot for your help!


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