[TYPO3] Problem with FORM cObject

Martin Stiehl m.stiehl at gmx.de
Thu Mar 9 15:36:19 CET 2006

Hi Folks,

I have got a problem with the FORM cObject. As opposed to the 
Description in the Typo Script Reference Manual, the property .recipient 
of the object doesnt "generate the hiddenfield 'recipient'".

In the usual case (Form inserted as Page Content via the backend) 
everything works well as long as the property .locationData is set to 1.
If its set to 0 no mail is sent.

Now my actual Problem: I use TypoScript to Customize the appeareance of 
a private extension. I call the FORM cObj the following way:

$content .= $cObj->cObjGetSingle($this->shoppingCartFormRObj, 
array('dataArray.'=> $formdata))."\n";

With $formdata I set some xtra fields and
$this->shoppingCartFormRObj is set to 
plugin.tx_jagallery_pi1.shoppingcart.form which is defined in my template:

plugin.tx_jagallery_pi1.shoppingcart.form < tt_content.mailform.20
plugin.tx_jagallery_pi1.shoppingcart.form.recipient = 
webmaster at freistiehlkunst.de
plugin.tx_jagallery_pi1.shoppingcart.form.data (
Name: | *name = input,40 |
Email: | *email=input,40 |  | EMAIL
Telefon: | phone=input,40 |
Addresse: | *address=textarea,30,3 |

|formtype_mail = submit | Anfrage senden
|html_enabled=hidden | 0
|subject=hidden| Kaufanfrage
plugin.tx_jagallery_pi1.shoppingcart.form.redirect = 8
plugin.tx_jagallery_pi1.shoppingcart.form.data.field =
plugin.tx_jagallery_pi1.shoppingcart.form.target =

Everything seems to Work fine, the form is rendered correctly, but no 
mail is send and the redirect to the confirm page works neither.

This seems obvious since a look in the rendered html-source shows that 
there is no "hiddenfield 'recipient'" in the form.

I also tried to set up my own hiddenfield recipient like this:

|recipient=hidden| webmaster at freistiehlkunst.de

but there's still no hiddenfield recipient in the form.

I am sitting here for ours now and have no Idea how to solve that 
problem. Please Help!

Tahnks in advance,

Martin Stiehl

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