[TYPO3] [Typo3] mailformplus and multiple recipient

Uld uldmail at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 17:22:44 CET 2006

Hi list,

i'm using mailform plus extension and i'd like to be able to send message to
multiple recipient via a drop-down box.

i followed the exemple located in the extension guide (
and here is my typoscript:

temp.jsmenu = HMENU
temp.jsmenu.special = directory
temp.jsmenu.special.value = 153# page ID having departments as subpages
temp.jsmenu.1 = TMENU
temp.jsmenu.1 {
  expAll = 0
  wrap = <select name="email_to" class="form_dropdown"><option value="Aucun
sujet selectionné" class="form_dropdown">Veuillez choisir un
  NO {
    before.data = field:subtitle
    before.wrap = <option value="|" class="form_dropdown">
    doNotLinkIt = 1
    allWrap = | </option>
  CUR < .NO
  CUR = 1
  CUR.before.wrap = <option value="|" SELECTED class="form_dropdown">
plugin.tx_thmailformplus_pi1.markers.email_to < temp.jsmenu

I pasted the email_to marker in my html template so in the form page, I have
the good drop-down box with the good fields, and e-mail adress are ok in the
html source code. However, my problem is that no email is sent after
I tried with a standard form and standard sender e-mail, and my form is
working, that's why I think that the problem comes from my TS.... But I
can't find it! :(

Could you please help me??


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