[TYPO3] globalVar value from content headline algin field

fuss pzeh at saltation.de
Wed Mar 8 13:07:20 CET 2006

Hi Christopher,

can you please post your example for the gifbuilder, as i didnt even 
manage to read the value of header_position field at all.
(im not even sure if it called header_position, but according to 
lib.stdheader it should be)
both 'field = header_position' and 'TSFE:tt_content|header_position' 
wont give me any values back.

hm, did i get it all wrong or am i just too dull to manage it? ;)

thx in advance

Christopher schrieb:
> HI,
> On 3/7/06, Fuss <pzeh at saltation.de> wrote:
>> hm, stdWrap.if feature is of no use in my case as im fiddling around
>> with sifr, and i need that value to align my replaced headline via
>> sFlashVars = parameter goes here.
>> is there another way to align text with sfir?
> Yes. Look in the TS object  browser to see how it's done in the usual
> case (using LOAD_REGISTER)--I haven't done it with sfir, but I have
> used the align field successfully with image replaced headers.
> -Christopher

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