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On Mittwoch, 1. März 2006 20:22, Kevin Renskers wrote in typo3.english:

> Hi list,
> I am converting a big music-related site to Typo3, and one of the
> features on that site is a lyrics database. I am wondering what the
> best way is to get lyrics into Typo3, in a structured way and easy to
> manage.
> I was thinking about using tt_news, and then set up the artists as
> categories, their albums as sub-categories, and the songs as news
> items with relations to those 2 things. While this will work, it will
> be very messy in the backend. All songs will be displayed in one big
> list, finding that one song to edit will be hard and not very
> user-friendly :)

You can allways search through these long lists using the search field
at the end of each page while in list view mode.

> Setting it up as pages (each artist has its own page, their albums as
> subpages, and so on) if also possible. It would be easier to find one
> song, but I prefer a database kind of aproach. There are 60 albums in
> the lyrics-dababase so far, I don't want to make 60 pages for them.
> It's not a very structured way to do it I think.

TYPO3 is using a database ;-)

The page aproach seems nice and you can even import all the albums and
artists in one go. Everything will be searchable using the indexed
search extension.

Go to the EM and check if the extension "cms_plaintext_import" is

If the extensions is installed you can reach the extension at
Web->Functions by selecting "Import" from the function menu.

As format select "---new_page---/---new_section---".

As source you can only select "Direct input".

In the text area "Direct input" you can paste the structure that should
be imported.

The example below will explain the syntax:

Page 1
Subtitle 1
Section 1
Text for section 1.
Page 2
Subtitle 2
Section 1
Text for section 1.
-More text for section 1 in italic.-
Section 2
Text for section 2.

This example will create two pages with content elements. The pages will
be subpages of the page you called the import function from.

If you think this is not enough you can still write your own extension.


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