[TYPO3] error in ts_tidy extension

Daniel Jefferies daniel at newmindgroup.com
Tue Mar 7 17:23:18 CET 2006

Thanks.  The extension is installed.  Tidy is turned OFF in the Install 
Tool.  And the code from the manual is pasted into the Setup area my 
template. I've double checked the syntax of the code.
What am I missing?

Are there other extensions that conflict with TS_TIDY?

tapio wrote:
> Daniel Jefferies wrote:
>> I've installed ts_tidy and it does not appear to be working.
>> I noticed that in the extension manager an error is listed:
>> The XCLASS filename-key "ext/tstidy/class.tstidy.php" was different 
>> from "ext/tstidy/class.tx_tstidy.php" which it should have been!
>> Does this mean I should change the current filename to 
>> class.tx_tstidy.php?  Or do I need to change something else.
> These is a pure naming *convention* issue - doesn't concern the 
> functionality itself. Naming conventions are just habits - don't bother 
> with them.

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