[TYPO3] Typo3 validation

Andreas Koppa akoppa at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 21:03:00 CET 2006

Hi list.

Please apologize if I’m wrong.  I’m just a rookie trying to learn Typo3. 
Obviously one month is not enough to know everything inside T3.

I guess I did find the problem.  It is not my template/css because I developed 
my template, and style script on Typo3 3.8.1 on my local machine and tested 
everything thoroughly.  All my test pages validated.  Then I installed Typo3 
4.0 beta3 on my server and just uploaded my Typoscript code, template and 
css scripts.  Everything worked fine until I decided to validate again.

As told the menu/sitemap links causes invalid pages. What I have found is 
that 3.8.1 generates a "div class=" for the menu and beta3 an "ul class=". 
 Hence, the p tag that follows is faulty (no p tags allowed within ul tags.)

Please someone check that behavior and let me know results.   If I’m wrong 
I wish to amend my code.


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