[TYPO3] rtehtmlarea links not working in 1.2.0

Sandy Matheson lists at mathesonuk.com
Sun Mar 5 22:07:51 CET 2006

I have just upgraded to v1.2.0 of rtehtmlarea from v1.0.0 all went
well until I tried to configure a link to an internal page. It won't
work, in fact I can't seem to set up any type of link at all. The
pop-up window appears to allow you to set the link, but when you click
on an internal page to link to nothing happens. The link is not set
and the window simply stays open.

I have downgraded now to v1.1.6 and everything is working again. Is
this a bug in rtehtmlarea or am I doing something wrong?

Sandy Matheson

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