[TYPO3] RealURL for dummies

Dmitry Dulepov typo3 at fm-world.ru
Sun Mar 5 09:17:41 CET 2006


Alex Hobbs wrote:
> I can't get my head around RealURL. I have a very simple 3 page website that
> I'd like to use real urls eg http://www.domain.com/home.html,
> http://www.domain.com/aboutus.html, http://www.domain.com/contact.html

For a site with three pages you need neither typo3, no url :) You are
trying to cut bread with guillotine :)

> Can someone explain step by step what I need to do to get this to work?
> Particularly the configuration side.

There is nothing difficult if you read manual and look at the
configuration example on news.typo3.org.

> Also, does affecting the .htaccess or httpd.conf effect other existing sites
> on Typo3 that don't use realurl?


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