[TYPO3] communication between TS objects in different FCE fields

JoH info at cybercraft.de
Fri Mar 3 19:17:41 CET 2006

>> Try the TS function numRows instead of your counting PHP.
>> 10 = TEXT
>> 10.value= comments number:
>> 20 = TEXT
>> 20.numRows {
>>     table = yourCommentTableName
>>     select {
>>         pidInList.data = TSFE:id
>>     }
>> }
> Thanks for this information, I didn't know it can be done so easily
> with pure TS.
> But this version, though more elegant, also doesn't do what it was
> meant to do
> - because the problem is that it shouldn't display comment count to
> the current page (the page on which the fce is shown), and I guess
> that's what does TSFE:id construction in your solution -
> I would like it to display the comment count in the page of which
> this fce is teaser, that is, in the page to which url in different
> field of this FCE points, and is chosen by user via flexform:
> 1) user wants to insert teaser to some page (on front page, for
> example) 2) he inserts this FCE
> 3) he fills values in flexform fields (among others: url to that
> chosen page)
> 4) flexform outputs that chosen page title, and comments count, by
> grabing the chosen page ID from the link field filled bu user
> the problem is: how to feed this pidInList.data object (or other)
> with the page id value from different FCE field (link).
> I hope I made it a bit clearer know.

Try these:
    pidInList.data = field:yourFieldName
    pidInList.data = yourTableName:yourFieldName


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