[TYPO3] How to browse online repository in ver.4 beta 3?

Peter Niederlag niederlag at ikd01.de
Fri Mar 3 15:26:43 CET 2006


Jody Cleveland schrieb:
>>I had the very same thing last night. I had to fiddle with 
>>the Extension
>>Page 'settings' from the drop-down menu to configure the repository
>>correctly. I'm not sure that I actually changed anything per se, but
>>reloaded the mirror list, hit update, and suddenly it was pulling the
>>information down, and I was getting results on the search.
>>Automaketemplate was the one I was searching for too...
> Wow. I just got it working, but holy cow. That's the most bass ackwards
> thing I've ever seen. I sure hope that's fixed for the final release,
> and that there's a well written document describing what's changed, and
> how you now do things that have changed.

There is/has been a BUG in beta3 that prevented the supposed default
"random-mirror"-selection to work. That's why you have to fiddle with
the settings in beta3 (an selecting a fixed mirror by pressing update).

After all it is a beta!
That problem is solved already and will be part of next release.

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