[TYPO3] communication between TS objects in different FCE fields

Amiran Chyb amiran.chyb at stopspam.gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 18:28:23 CET 2006

> Try the TS function numRows instead of your counting PHP.
> 10 = TEXT
> 10.value= comments number:
> 20 = TEXT
> 20.numRows {
>     table = yourCommentTableName
>     select {
>         pidInList.data = TSFE:id
>     }
> }
> Joey

Thanks for this information, I didn't know it can be done so easily with  
pure TS.

But this version, though more elegant, also doesn't do what it was meant  
to do
- because the problem is that it shouldn't display comment count to the  
current page (the page on which the fce is shown), and I guess that's what  
does TSFE:id construction in your solution -
I would like it to display the comment count in the page of which this fce  
is teaser, that is, in the page to which url in different field of this  
FCE points, and is chosen by user via flexform:

1) user wants to insert teaser to some page (on front page, for example)
2) he inserts this FCE
3) he fills values in flexform fields (among others: url to that chosen  
4) flexform outputs that chosen page title, and comments count, by grabing  
the chosen page ID from the link field filled bu user

the problem is: how to feed this pidInList.data object (or other) with the  
page id value from different FCE field (link).

I hope I made it a bit clearer know.

Thanks again

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