[TYPO3] Apache crashes

Robert Wallis robert.wallis at tiscali.de
Fri Mar 3 10:40:36 CET 2006

Hello All,
I am setting up a sever locally on my computer to check out whether typo3 is 
suitable for a project I have in mind. I finally have everything working it 
seems, but when I try to connect to the on-line repository in the extension 
manager it crashes apache (Apache2) when using IE and Firefox asks me what I 
want to open it with.
  It is not the first problem I have encountered in trying to get it all 
working; I previously could connect to the on-line repository and install 
extensions etc, but found that typo3 won't run with PHP5!

I am currently running Apache2 (2.0.55), PHP/4.4.2, MySql 4.1, ImageMagick 
6.2.6 on Windows XP Sp2

I could post a debug report but am not sure this is the correct place to do 
Any help or suggestions would be very welcome.

Cheers.  Robert. 

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