[TYPO3] If submenu is empty different COA

Peter Klein peter at umloud.dk
Thu Mar 2 23:55:50 CET 2006

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> Peter Klein wrote:
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>>>tapio wrote:
>>>I found
>>> Feature request: ifNotEmpty.
>>>What I would need needs missing 'ifNotEmpty' to give alternative
>> That's not reallly needed. Just use the "if" function. (You can even 
>> reverse the if conditions, using the "negate" property.)
> You mean options, which have mentioned for example in this page:
> http://www.typo3.net/tsref/functions/if/
> I tried

Hi tapio. If what you need, is to check if a page has subpages or not, then 
you should use "numRows".

Lots of examples can be found in the mailinglist archive. Here's just a 

You can do a search in the archives here: 
Peter Klein / Umloud Untd.

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