[TYPO3] Problem with login box and page forward

Surajit surajit at srijan.in
Thu Mar 2 10:55:28 CET 2006


I think you got it right!
Its bcoz of URL rewriting. Otherwise the extension is pretty simple to use.
Just try it once more by disbaling ..... mode rewrite.

Surajit Kayal
Srijan Technologies, India.

Denis Royer wrote:

>Hi Surajit,
>Thank you for the hint... I installed that extension, but without
>getting it to work. I have the feeling that the URL rewriting I am using
>might cause this problem. I am using mod_rewrite for generating URL like
>that: www.foo.bar/12.0.html or www.foo.bar/startpage.0.html. 
>Or is there something more that needs to be done when installing this
>extension that I might have overseen?
>Thanks in advance :-)
>Best regards
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