[TYPO3] obflush(); flush(); in extensions

max at oblady.com max at oblady.com
Wed Mar 1 20:28:17 CET 2006

It's not a very elegant solution,  but you can try extending  tslib_fe 
and "post-process" content like the extension "sourceOptmisation" does..
It depends what you need to do?

function processOutput ()
        $tx_sourceopt_pi1 = new tx_sourceopt_pi1 ();
        $tx_sourceopt_pi1->main ($this->content, 

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Johannes Reichardt wrote:

>Hi there,
>i would like to make a script that shows itself "in time" because there 
>is lot of content to parse. Usually i do this with obflush(); flush(); 
>in php scripts but that doesnt make really sense since i have to return 
>content. Any ideas how i could achieve the same result?
>- Johannes
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