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Allan Jacobsen allan.jacobsen at tips.dk
Wed Mar 1 15:12:50 CET 2006

Hi Patrick

You have been answered on the blogging, so I will just address the usability.
We (the mailinglist) get this  a couple of times a month, and yes TYPO3 is difficult to begin with, but the rewards a so big when you master it, that there are more and more people that use TYPO3 for all their websites because you can use TYPO3 for all your webpublishing needs.
That being said, then if you look at the TYPO3 roadmap, http://typo3.org/development/roadmap/ usability is on the agenda for version 4.5, so things will improve if you are patient.

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Emne: [TYPO3] Blogging and more

I have noticed that there is no direct support for blogging.  Is there
anyone who is working on creating a blogging extension?  I am also wondering
if there is an effort in place to create a more polished typo3 package.  As
a technology advocate I come into contact with many people who have used
technology in a limited way.  The learning curve and work that needs to be
accomplished to start using typo3 is daunting for someone with limited
experience.  Is this intentional?
I don't mean this as a slam.  It seems that much of the typo3 community is
people creating sites professionally.  Obviously for this group typo3 is
well suited and works fine.  Things that are a little unclear can be
"figured out".  Minor limitations can be solved by modifying code.  It is a
great platform if you happen to be a hacker.  It leaves a little to be
desired in terms of polish however.  This brings me back to the question is
this considered OK by the community?

Tanks for your Support
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