[TYPO3] Blogging and more

Patrick O'Hara pdohara at practicalprogrammer.org
Wed Mar 1 13:31:38 CET 2006

I have noticed that there is no direct support for blogging.  Is there
anyone who is working on creating a blogging extension?  I am also wondering
if there is an effort in place to create a more polished typo3 package.  As
a technology advocate I come into contact with many people who have used
technology in a limited way.  The learning curve and work that needs to be
accomplished to start using typo3 is daunting for someone with limited
experience.  Is this intentional?
I don't mean this as a slam.  It seems that much of the typo3 community is
people creating sites professionally.  Obviously for this group typo3 is
well suited and works fine.  Things that are a little unclear can be
"figured out".  Minor limitations can be solved by modifying code.  It is a
great platform if you happen to be a hacker.  It leaves a little to be
desired in terms of polish however.  This brings me back to the question is
this considered OK by the community?

Tanks for your Support
Pat O'Hara
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