[TYPO3] Many MM relations in the frontend

Artur Nankran arturnankran at yahoo.com.br
Fri Jul 28 17:34:19 CEST 2006

Weel, i was trying to do b just a moment ago, but the query was becoming too long.
Just for you to see the problem with details, I have this mains table, 
and this table has only two normal fiels, but it also has 16 database relations, all MM relaions.
I was trying to code this plugin to show all the records of this mains table in a kind of listview
, showing of corse the identification of all records related to it, not just the uid. And the query was becoming just so long 
that I got lost in it, i just need some time to think about it properly.

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Artur Nankran schrieb:
> Hello List,
> Here I am again with some big trouble this time. I have built this
> very  complex database, with one main table that have many MM
> relations with  various other tables. So, my problems is that when I
> show the table in  the front end I only got the number of records. I
> thought of using exec_SELECT_mm_query but the problem is that in this
> function I can only configure one foreign table. Any ideas of how I
> could manage to do this without having to make many queryes?

a) provide a backwards-compatible patch that can solve this. :->
b) build the query on your own and user ->exec_SELECT_query()

I have always been going b) so far.

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