[TYPO3] Report: Error 500 - ID Problems with Typo3

Benjamin Mack bmack at kirix.com
Thu Jul 27 12:36:50 CEST 2006


an interesting thing happened.
I got a typo3 (4.0) installation on a Alturo Webmaster (4 bucks a month 
/ www.alturo.de) and everything went fine (they even allow mod_rewrite) 
with the installation.
But after a while my editor told me that he always gets an Error 500 in 
the "Page Tree" frame on the page / view / list items after he created a 
new page. I was shocked, because I thought alturo's package was limited.
I tried to bring in technical support from alturo and the guy said 
"yeah, we recommend that you shouldn't typo3 with our webmaster package 
since it needs a lot of memory", looks like a script limit is in there.
Anyway I wanted to create a testuser "tester" for the support guy. I did 
this with the "User Admin" which worked fine until I pressed the 
"Create" button in the user-creation-form. I was logged out of the typo3 
system. I logged in again but every time I clicked on the "User Admin" 
module, I was logged out.
Strange, I thought but I tried to login with the new "tester" user which 
did not work at all. I checked the be_users table with an external 
phpmyadmin and I found out that the new "tester" user was actually 
created and everything *except* that the be_user had the UID "0". Hmm, I 
changed it to the next available number (here: 3) and after that I could 
log into Typo3 with that user.

So, but my Error 500 problem with the page tree still existed. I then 
checked the pages table and found out that my editor created a new page 
which also had the ID "0". That's why the SQL stmt in the pagetree frame 
  always "crashed".

Looks like this is a reference problem inside the core when using a 
"limited" shared host. Should this be reported to the devs? Maybe we can 
get Typo3 running on more systems with less performance / less memory?


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