[TYPO3] Multiple Templates on One Site

Werner Weissenfels weissenfels at gmx.de
Thu Jul 27 05:34:25 CEST 2006

Tyler Kraft wrote:
> well if you create each of your different templates in html/css and get 
> them using the same marks then there is an easy way that I quite like.
> you show the user three columns in the BE to edit and let them decided 
> which layout they want, and let them add content into the right and main 
> column for that type of layout and into all three columns for that type 
> of layout, etc. Then if they go to edit the page header, and change the 
> page type from standard to advanced they will find a layout selector box.
> You can also add more options (and of course rename options there if you 
> want) for the layout if you need more than four.
> then in your typoscript template just put a few simple conditions in to 
> check this selector and use a different html template depending on this 
> selector box.
> done, and all the ts work should atkea bout 30min.
> handling the navigation can be done using the same selector box check - 
> simple really. Now if you co this route you will need to look at tsref 
> on conditionals and the globalVar section, and also tsconfig to 
> add/rename these options if you want to do that.

what you write sounds really interesting and is actually something I 
have been looking for.
Is there any tutorial or documentation that describes the details 
necessary to set it up that way?
What may be really simple for you can be quite complicated for me as a 
beginner when not knowing what exactly to do.


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