[TYPO3] TCA-field 'group' for fileupload on flexform-sheets for different types only works with workaround, bug?

Johannes Konert johanneskonert at gmx.de
Wed Jul 26 16:46:38 CEST 2006

Thomas Hempel wrote:
> It makes a difference!
> (..)
> What you have to do is to call DynaFlex *before* this point in the 
> storing process. And give it an environment where it can create the 
> correct flexform structure.
> Where dynaflex has to be called is described in the most recent manual, 
> which is available in the TER. 
> http://typo3.org/extensions/repository/search/dynaflex/1.5.1/

Hey Thomas, I am still impressed about these quick responses. Okay, I 
get the feeling we have a misunderstanding here, because you just told 
me that a few weeks ago.

To make things clear:
1.) I do use the two mentioned Hooks
2.) The complete flexforms for ~all~ types are dynaflex generated
     columns/flexform/config/ds/2 and so on.
3.) ALL upload-fields for type 0 (default) DO work. (Thus the 
dynaflex-call must be correct, right?)
4.) only the upload-fields on sheets of type 1,2,3,4... do not work in 
case that these fields do not exist for the flexform of type 0 as well.

That's why I think my dynaflex-configuration is correct, beause the 
fields do work for type 0. And they work for type 1,2,3 as well (as long 
as there are the same fields (=inputs=groups) for type 0.

>> PS: Would typo3.dev be a better place to post this or ext-dev-related 
>> things in future?
> Yes please!

okay, next time, because I do not know how to move a thread..and 
copy/paste will cause confusion.

Thanks a lot for your passionate help.
Johannes .)
PS: As I said, I got it working now by the workaround: If a BE-user 
switches the type to e.g. 3 I simply copy (all by dynaflex) the flexform 
configuration for type 3 into the flexform-conf for type 0 (default) as 
well. Then the file-fields do work. It's just strange...

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