[TYPO3] to make a transparent background image with gifbuilder

Gideon So gideonso at livingwater.org.hk
Wed Jul 26 12:29:25 CEST 2006

Hi Rudy,

	niceText already disabled. Yeah!!! I will try your propose.


Rudy Gnodde wrote:
> Hello Gideon,
> That is because you use niceText for the text. That means it will blend
> the edge of the text with the background (in this case white). The only
> way it can be done with an image is by using alpha transparency, which
> gif doesn't support. So you'll either have to stop using niceText, or
> use the image the text is suppose to go on as the background for the
> generated image.
> Regards,
> Rudy Gnodde
> WIND Internet 

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