[TYPO3] newloginbox redirect??

PEF xx at xx.xx
Wed Jul 26 09:38:36 CEST 2006

Thanks for the advice.

When I install this extension the original newloginbox seems to fail 
completely. When I look at the html code for the generated page, the 
output from the extension is completely missing.

Components: Typo3 4.0, newloginbox 2.2.11 and beko_improved_login 1.2.2

Does anyone have a solution?


Werner Weissenfels wrote:
> PEF wrote:
>> Hey,
>> I've installed newloginbox and I want to redirect to another page. 
>> Therefore I've installed dkd_redirect_at_login (also tried 
>> bzb_newloginbox_redirect) but I can't figure out, how to set the 
>> redirect page.
> I have used the extension beko_improved_login to solve the same problem, 
> and it has some additional functionality that I find useful (like 
> reporting failed logins and keeping a log of logins).
> That extension adds a field to the frontend user groups so that each 
> group can get their own redirect page upon login. So far this works 
> nicely for me. I set this value in the frontend users (and groups) 
> storage folder. Other parts of the configuration are set in the 
> extension manager.
> Werner

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