[TYPO3] JEDIT Plugin Problem - No Result - Server Plugin Missing ?

Michael Bakonyi kontakt at mb-mediendesign.de
Wed Jul 26 08:09:47 CEST 2006


I copied a thread from the archives (- btw how is it possible to answer 
an old thread/ question from the archives?)

I get the same error, another user posted there before:

 >> I used Jedit 4.3pre4 with Typo3 4.0 and the jeditextions 0.1.1.
 >> But when I want to connect via jedit I got the Error Message:
 >> No Result - Server Plugin Missing ?

Another user posted this answer:

 >Check PHP error log for XML-RPC plugin's errors.
 >I've got the same and it's the "pass by reference" error for XML-RPC
 >plugin because of PHP settings.

Well, I've searched the typo3-source and dummy-package (where my 
project's in) for a php_error.log, but couldn't find any.

Does anybody of you know, what this "pass by reference error for XML-RPC 
   plugin" is and how to fix it? As I don't know much about PHP I don't 
know how to go on now.


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