[TYPO3] Globalvars

JoH info at cybercraft.de
Tue Jul 25 18:35:59 CEST 2006

>>> This is the setup of my topMenu:
>>> It's very big, i'm sory!
>> As far as I can see, there is no L Parameter available to trigger
>> your different menu setups.
>> So the default site just shows the default menu.
>> Calling the .com version, clicking on NL and then on EN gives you the
>> desired behaviour though.
>> Since the default language uid for .com is 1 anyway, you wouldn't
>> need the L parameter as long as there is no user clicking on a
>> language button. Solution:
>> 1.) Switch the condition for the menus (and the other stuff that is
>> not translated) to globalString too.
>> 2.) Change the language menu so that it doesn't add the L parameter
>> to the current URL but sends the user to the correct URL for this
>> language. So instead of
>> current.url/?L=1
>> or
>> current.url/?L=0
>> you would get
>> language1.url
>> or
>> language2.url
>> At least this is the way we are doing it for
>> www.xposign.com
>> www.xposign.de
> Thank you very much JoH!
> But there's one more question:
> How can i make my language menu domain sensitive?
> So if i select the english version (from language menu) its going to
> the .com domain and if i select the dutch verison the .nl domain like
> on these websites:

Well - just use default typolink, not a special=language menu.

This one is the original from www.xposign.com

temp.langmenu = COA
temp.langmenu {
    10 = TEXT
    10 {
        value = <img src="fileadmin/images/deutsch.gif" border=0>
        wrap = <td valign="bottom">|</td>
        typolink {
            addQueryString = 1
            parameter.dataWrap = http://www.xposign.de/{TSFE:id}.0.html
    20 = TEXT
    20 {
        value = <img src="fileadmin/images/english.gif" border=0>
        wrap = <td valign="bottom">|</td>
        typolink {
            addQueryString = 1
            parameter.dataWrap = http://www.xposign.com/{TSFE:id}.0.html

It will work with simulateStaticDocuments.
Maybe you have to modify it to your needs or just switch your whole setup to 


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