[TYPO3] curl_init() error

Tan Le tanl at flirtcreative.com.au
Tue Jul 25 08:13:11 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I have a little question.

While trying to use the direct function fetch and compile mail content,
I get this error: 

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: curl_init() in
b_div.php on line 2311

I've already browse through the list for help and found this message by
Allan Jacobsen

"I think you are missing: "apt-get install php4-curl""

This might be a silly question, but what is php4-curl ? do I have to get
my server administrator to enable or install it ? or is it a typo3
extension ? I already search the extension archive but found no
extension by that name. if anyone can help I'd really appreciated.



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