[TYPO3] clearCacheCmd backend user rights? [SOLVED]

Peter Gyongyosi gyp at impulzus.com
Mon Jul 24 19:04:39 CEST 2006

Peter Gyongyosi wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm having the following problem that I cannot really solve:
> I have a mainly news-oriented Typo3 4.0 site using the latest tt_news 
> plugin. As most of its parts contain news at some point, I have 
> TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd = all set in the TSconfig of the news storage 
> page. It works fine when any change is made logged in as an admin user, 
> the cache gets expired and renewed at the next page hit. But when any 
> change is made logged in as a news or site admin user (both are 
> non-admin backend users, the former having access only to the news 
> storage page and news-type pagecontent, the latter to all pages and the 
> basic pagecontent elements), the cache is not refreshed at all. If the 
> page is viewed logged in with any backend user, the changes do show up, 
> but the cache_pages table is still unmodified until a manual "clear FE 
> cache" is pressed or the news storage page is edited by an admin or the 
> daily automatic cache expiration needed by other modules happens.
> Does clearCacheCmd require any special rights for the backend user 
> making the changes to show its effect? Or what else should I check?
The solution is

options.clearCache.all = 1

to the affected non-admin users' TSconfig to enable them to clear the 
whole cache.

Well, at least it's in the listarchive now :)


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