[TYPO3] How to overwrite HMENU?

Bing Du bdu at iastate.edu
Mon Jul 24 18:36:50 CEST 2006

JoH wrote:
>>Or even more obvious
>>temp.mytext = TEXT
>>temp.mytext.value = Hello World
>>and manipulation in subtemplate via
>>temp.mytext.value = Hello NEW World
>>does not work, but with lib.* elements it works.
>>I think without changing the lines, that create your menu and make it
>>a lib.* element, it will not be successfull to manipulate it in a
>>deeper template.
> Well - lib elements are still "available" after you copied them to wherever
> you like, while temp elements are just what their name says: temporary - so
> the will disappear after you copied them.
> But you can still change the values in extension templates. Since the
> original temp.whatever disappeared the only difference is, that you have to
> change one or more places where you have been using it.
> Something like this
> temp.whatever = TEXT
> temp.whatever {
>     value = Hello World
> }
> marks.HELLO < temp.whatever
> can be changed in the extension template by this line:
> marks.HELLO.value = Hello NEW World
> Depending on the number of different places where you "recycled" your temp
> element it might be wise to change it into a lib element. Instead of
> changing alle the different places you will be changing the original only.
> Joey

Thanks to those who replied.  I've got it to work fine now.  It's very 
helpful for me to understand the difference between lib and temp.  In my 
situation, we just need to copy temp.nav to something else once.  It's 
nice we don't need to change the main template.


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