[TYPO3] adding raw php?

Ryan Off ryan at ryanoff.com
Mon Jul 24 14:28:14 CEST 2006

	From: 	  ryan at ryanoff.com
	Subject: 	php
	Date: 	24 July 2006 14:27:36 GMT+02:00
	To: 	  ryan at ryanoff.com

I'm using the extension you mentioned, page_php_content. It works as
expected. I found it using the extenion manager in my Typo3 3.8 admin  
by searching the repository for page_php_content. If you are using Typo3
4.0, make sure to turn on to search for un-reviewed extensions.

As far as the typo3.org site goes, I'm not certain how the
typo3.org/extensions site is working now, but this seems to be a common
issue other people are having. Does the new Typo3.org/extensions/ site
only show the top so many results, does it show only Typo3 4.0 reviewed
extensions, or something else?

I've had trouble finding other extensions as well through the site, but
then I can find it without problems using the Extension Manager in my
Typo3 setup. Other times, I have had to find out the exact name of the
extension and try to find it using the precise extension name.

Does anyone know why the typo.org site is functioning differently than I
would intuitively think it should be?

> Searched about, seems the answer is (was?) the page_php_content  
> plugin,
> but when I tried to download it from the typo3.org repository, it's  
> not
> to be found. Advice?
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