[TYPO3] How to overwrite HMENU?

Johannes Konert johanneskonert at gmx.de
Sun Jul 23 23:09:48 CEST 2006

Bing Du wrote:
> Thanks again for help looking into this.  It's unlikely for me to change 
> 'temp' to 'lib' in our main template if that's what your suggestion 
> implies.  I can only manipulate the extended template.  If that's just 
> what worked for you and you'd like to provide an example, I'd greatly 
> appreciate it.

Which example do you mean?
I simply tried to manipulate some content from my main-template in one 
of the extension-templates of a sub-page) and found that it works for 
lib.* elements, but not for temp.* elements.
temp.mymenu = HMENU
temp.mymenu.entryLevel = 0

temp.mymenu.entryLevel = 1

Does not work (the brackets tell you what I tested in which template and 
have nothing to do with conditions in this case),

but using lib. worked:
lib.mymenu = HMENU
lib.mymenu.entryLevel = 0

lib.mymenu.entryLevel = 1

Or even more obvious
temp.mytext = TEXT
temp.mytext.value = Hello World

and manipulation in subtemplate via
temp.mytext.value = Hello NEW World

does not work, but with lib.* elements it works.

I think without changing the lines, that create your menu and make it a 
lib.* element, it will not be successfull to manipulate it in a deeper 

I hope this made clear, what I suggest.
Have a good night and fun with TYPO3

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