[TYPO3] horz and vert menus

Stephanie Westbrook steph at webfabbrica.com
Sun Jul 23 16:01:08 CEST 2006


I'm new but having fun.

My question is about menus. I've sucessfully build a horizontal 
menu across the top of my page using HMENU, following the 
tutorial Modern Template Building Part 1. 

However, I don't want it to cascade. Rather, I would like to build the 
submenu vertically on the left of the page, but only for that 
subsection of the site. Here is an example.

If the tree of the site is:

--License A
--License B 
--License C
Terms & Conditions
--Our Army of Lawyers
--Friends and Colleagues
--Car Parking
Privacy Policy

I would want to see  
Home :: Licensing :: Terms & Conditions :: Privacy Policy 

across the top of the page and then when you click on, for example, 
Licensing, I want to see a vertical submenu in the left column:

License A
License B 
License C

Can this be done? I am assuming yes since it seems you can do 
virtually anything with Typo3. ;-)

Perhaps I should not be using the HMENU.

Any tips appreciated.



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