[TYPO3] What about T3DIVING?

Bernhard Kraft kraftb at kraftb.at
Sat Jul 22 17:55:19 CEST 2006

Cyprian Kowalczyk wrote:
> Hello,
> I wonder if there are any people in this group interested in scuba diving?
> Maybe some kind of summer event like the winter T3BOARD would be possible?

Hand up !

I made the PADI course in greece - i would be very interested in a TYPO3 summer event.

We do not have to limit it to diving (I would call this T3DIVE) but could also extend
it to surf-boarding - to compete the snowboarding and have a T3SBOARD (tough this could
also mean SnowBoard :)

Ideas and locations wellcome - I would opt for Malta, Greece, or pherhaps Ecuador :) if
locations outside Europe are also welcome.

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