[TYPO3] pbsurvey answers wizard

Patrick Broens patrick at patrickbroens.nl
Sat Jul 22 10:14:30 CEST 2006

Hi Alexander,

In my previous answer I told you it is only possible in the new version 
of pbsurvey to enter answers with the wizard. However, it is true this 
textarea can be edited when you create a new item. This is not a bug in 
pbsurvey, but common behaviour of TYPO3 (is it a bug in TYPO3?). It 
should be locked all the time, but TYPO3 makes it editable when you 
create an item. When you save the record and open it again, it is locked.


Alexander Kirchhof wrote:
> Know, after deinstalling pbsurvey and removing the corresponding 
> database tables completely and beginning to build my survey completely 
> new from the scratch (grrr), I figured out something:
> Immediately after creating a new item there is the <textarea> for the 
> answers.
> After the first reload (save or change the type), it disappears to the 
> <div> and <input type="hidden">, and from now on your only able to edit 
> the answers via the wizard.
> Greetings
> Alexander

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