[TYPO3] Sub-Templates?

JoH info at cybercraft.de
Fri Jul 21 23:41:17 CEST 2006

> If you have done it like this:
> <div class="header">...</div>
> with
> .header { background-image:url(myimage.jpg); }
> you have no chance to replace the image with typo, except you use
> different CSS-files.

Well - actually there are some chances ;-)
This is one of them:
You can replace the CSS style dynamically in your header by using the
There you can adress the background-image property and fill in your
dynamically created images:
Don't know the exact way of doing this in TV but the default typoscript
would be something like this:

page.headerData {
    123 = IMG_RESOURCE
    123 {
        file {
            import = uploads/media/
            import.data = levelmedia:-1, slide
            import.listNum = 0
            width = 456
            height = 123
        stdWrap.required = 1
        stdWrap.wrap (
    .header {

Replace 123 und 456 with the correct values for your image.
Now you just have to upload the desired banner into the "media" field of the
corresponding section's master page and it will be shown there and on any
subpage of this master.
Not tested but should be working.


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