[TYPO3] pbsurvey answers wizard

Alexander Kirchhof alexander.kirchhof at web.de
Fri Jul 21 16:31:14 CEST 2006

... and sorry, but another problem with pbsurvey:

I am not able to enter the answers without the wizard.

In the section 'Enter the answers' stands
'The textbox below will show the answers each on a new line.'

But there no textbox, but only a div, where the answers stand, but arent editable:
(And as I see a in the source an <input ... type="hidden">)

At the moment, I can put in the answers only by the wizard.
But I need to paste in lists off answers.

What am I doing wrong?
Or is there something wrong with my installation?

Its really wired ...

Thanks a lot, if anybody can give me a hint.

Greetings Alexander

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