[TYPO3] menu and submenu not getting along

Dmitry Dulepov typo3 at accio.lv
Fri Jul 21 13:59:08 CEST 2006


LarryB wrote:
> I was looking for a CSS linking option in the TemplaVoila wizard, but 
> couldn't find one? (So then I had to resort to this TS hack, of whose 
> ill-effects I am blissfully unaware of. What's bad about it?)

CSS must be in your template (html file). Go to Web>TemplaVoila and 
select "ReMap" for your template. Check "Show HTML header..." (or 
similar, I do not remember exact name). There you will see what you can 
use from <head>.

It is described in FTB, you should read FTB.

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