[TYPO3] w4x_backup - full backup of Typo3

John Kallies jkallies at majorninth.com
Thu Jul 20 22:53:27 CEST 2006

I've had a similar problem on a test site that isn't running on my 
site's web root. (www.domain.com/cms_test/). The link to the operation 
log didn't include the /cms_test directory in the path. I got around it 
by copying the URL in the link and fixing it by hand. Not elegant from a 
user's perspective, but I was the only one doing admin work. I wouldn't 
hand it off to a client like that. :)

I had the same problem with the backup tar.gz file, but the problem went 
away with a version upgrade of w4x_backup (running 0.9.1 now)


John Kallies

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