[TYPO3] Joomla! vs. Typo3

dave ashton dave at bassmedia.net
Thu Jul 20 11:18:05 CEST 2006

Had a look at Joomla as I was getting completely frustrated with typo3
(well, typoscript!)

Joomla, to me, is good if you want a news or article type site.
Out of the box, it is arranged in sections, categories and pages. You create
menu's, then create section/categories/pages then create content, then say
which cat./section/page you want the content putting.

This process in Joomla, you seem to stuck with.
Joomla seems to have lot of extensions that are plug and play (how well they
work, I don't know)

Typo3, I think, when you get the basics down, can be configured to look and
work exactly as you want it, frontend and backend.
It has a more logical way of setting up content - create pages (you can see
these logically in the page tree) then put in content. If content is to go
on various pages, then share the content with a shared page.
However, typoscript is a big pain in the arse to learn IMHO.
I think most, see the power of typo3, so bear with the pain of learning
However, you have to weigh up the cost of learning some typoscript (lots of
time spent!) and getting what you want configuring-wise or having a more out
of the box solution which may not do exactly what you want.

IMHO if you need a news article site only, with most stuff working out of
the box, with not much else configured then Joomla might do it. Even if you
get a site on the frontend to look and work as you want with Joomla, the
backend is still arranged in cats./sections/pages, etc.  (after using mambo
for a year or two, (joomla is based on Mambo), clients can get confused with
the cat/section page way of working.)
If you want a cms frame work that you can configure from the ground up, as
you want it, frontend and backend, use typo3. However, be prepared to have a
steep learning curve (probably the angle of Everest!)

You can argue, until the cows come home, which is the best, etc. The only
real test is to install both, have a play with them and see which fits your

At the end of the day, time is money as a developer, so you have to weigh up
what can do the job and hopefully, further jobs with the least headache.


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Sean Gonsman wrote:
> Has anyone used Joomla? Does anyone have any good information that would 
> give one the advantage over the other?  I have used Typo3 to develop one 
> site and I have done a comparison at cmsmatrix.org.  Now I am just 
> looking for real world comments.  Thanks.

In case if you did not know, Secunia (security company) released the 
following bulletins about Mambo/Joomla for the past week (only one week!):

[SA21082] Mambo VideoDB Component File Inclusion Vulnerability
[SA21079] Mambo-SMF Forum Component File Inclusion Vulnerability
[SA21077] Mambo LoudMouth Component File Inclusion Vulnerability
[SA21068] Joomla PollXT Component File Inclusion Vulnerability
[SA21059] Joomla Joomlaboard Component "sbp" File Inclusion
[SA21055] Mambo SiteMap Component File Inclusion Vulnerability
[SA21053] Joomla com_hashcash Component File Inclusion Vulnerability
[SA21044] Mambo / Joomla perForms "mosConfig_absolute_path" File

Eight security bulletins withing one week...

"It is our choices, that show what we truly are,
far more than our abilities." (A.P.W.B.D.)
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