[TYPO3] lz_gallery layout modification

Carla Froitzheim cf at cf-webservice.de
Thu Jul 20 11:18:18 CEST 2006

Ryan Off wrote:

> Has anyone been able to change the HTML layout of  
>the lz_gallery? If so, can you please pass along what you have in  
>your SETUP and CONSTANT fields of your template? I'm simply trying to  
>change lz_gallery to format using CSS instead of HTML tables.
>I am wondering if there is problem with lz_gallery 1.0.1 and Typo3  
>3.8.0.   Should I try downgrading to an older version?  Would anyone  
>recommend a different photo gallery extension?
I am running it in my own 3.8.0 installation, no problems.

In your setup you need

plugin.tx_lzgallery_pi1.layout = HTML
plugin.tx_lzgallery_pi1.layout.value (
all your html with markers goes here


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