[TYPO3] organisational possibilities with Typo3 (ERM / CRM)?

Frank frank.sonck at freebel.net
Wed Jul 19 21:34:57 CEST 2006


In our website organisation will be very important, we shall make frequent 
use of forms, for people wanting to react, asking for more information, 
signing up for a newsletter, signing up as collaborator etc.
Moreover we shall work as a collective, ie, different people will manage the 
data from these forms and thus the relations with the people filling in the 
I think using the mail form content element is not ok, otherwise we shall 
end up with thousands of isolated mails on dozens of different mail clients. 
Which is impossible to manage, draw statistics from and so on.
Of course, the next level, in the future, would be a sort of Customer 
Relation Management or Enterprise Relation Management system.
Question: does anyone have experience with this domain, with a specific 

Thank you very much
Kind greetings,

Frank Sonck

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