[TYPO3] Hide element from a certain group

Alexander Schloegl office at viennadesign.com
Tue Jul 18 23:44:56 CEST 2006


we all know how to show content elements to one group exclusively. (Do 
we? ;)

But is there a simple way to HIDE a content element from all users who 
belong to a certain group? Assigning the element to all other groups but 
a specific one is not enough, as the user might adhere multiple groups.

The task is to show certain elements to all users, then hide them for a 
certain FE group and show something else at the same place. Showing 
something is easy, but how to hide?

I'm already tired and might be blind for the last couple of hours, so 
please be graceful...

And if there is no easy way, can you figure out how it can be done... in 
a more "complicated" way?

thank you in advance

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