[TYPO3] efficient multisite management?

Sebastian Fuchs sebastian at hexerei.net
Tue Jul 18 12:44:20 CEST 2006

i am not sure if this helps, but for a site with nearly the same 
requirements, I used the Typo3 feature "show content from this page" 
(field content_from_pid in table pages) to display content from one 
"master" content-tree on different "regional" subtrees.
i also used the t3 export functionality to generate the subtrees. after 
that you have the "master page id" in the field tx_impexp_origuid. and 
with an sql statment you could set the content_from_pid field with the 
value from tx_impexp_origuid.
So tx_impexp_origuid displays the connection on page level, and 
content_from_pid displays the connection on content level.
This concept is still not so flexible, because creation of new pages, 
sorting, deleting of pages is still a more or less manual task.
if somebody has any feedback or more detailed questions about this 
concept please post it or contact my directly.

An other aproche could be to use the templaVoila feature of reusing 
content elements.


Frank wrote:
> Hello,
> We are building a project where we have a main (national) website (two 
> languages) and several sub-websites (regional). We have reproduced a 
> sub-site, by exporting t3d. But IMHO this is not a very efficient way to 
> proceed?
> Since all sub-sites are derived from the main site (the sub-sites have the 
> same basic style, have only some of the functionalities of the main site 
> etc) then it should be possible for example to produce a search page on the 
> main site, and use a sort of 'instance' of this page on the subsites. The 
> logic is that whenever I would change the search page, then this change 
> would automatically be visible on the subsites also. Otherwise I would have 
> to reproduce every small change on all subsites, re-export the t3d and so 
> on.
> The same logic goes for the templates. How to make a cascade of templates 
> and parts of templates?
> Can anyone give some hints?
> Greetings
> Frank Sonck

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