[TYPO3] TS and date

Andrea Giorgini a.giorgini at norvlit.de
Tue Jul 18 12:19:45 CEST 2006

Tyler Kraft wrote:
> note that these have to be outside of any { } which menas you'll need 
> the full object
> temp.dateobject.dataWrap={date: d}<sup>st</sup> of {date: F} {date: Y}

thank you very much for your answer, but now I am a little confused. I 
have a marker in my template, and this is what I did:

temp.mydate = TEXT
temp.mydate.dataWrap={date: d}<sup>th</sup> of {date: F} {date: Y}
marks.MYDATE < temp.lamiadata

What is wrong?


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