[TYPO3] install tool password change

Katja Lampela katja.lampela at lieska.net
Tue Jul 18 08:20:42 CEST 2006

Martin S wrote:
> Katja Lampela wrote:
>>Obvious but anyway: Did you try the original password, not the md5
>>value. You have to put the md5 in the localconf.php and then login with
>>the "normal" word. And maybe you have to clear the cache-files also.
> Yes. 
> Changed the hash in localconf.php.
> Clicked "Clear cache in typo3conf/"
> = still temp_ files in typo3conf
> Deleted all temp_* files in typo3conf
> Clicked button "Clear cache in typo3conf/"
> Enter password that generated hash in step 1.
> ==============
> Typo3 "thinks" a bit, then I'm back at the login prompt.
> Martin S
I'm not sure what you tried originally (because this thread is broken 
for some reason), but couldn't you just create another admin user in the 
install tool? And login with that new account.

If I remember correctly you can't change the password in BE in the root 
of the site with Web/List module (BE user records). You have to change 
the password with the User/Setup-module/Change password.

Sorry if this is completely another subject..

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