[TYPO3] install tool password change

Martin S martin at hauntedhousecom.net
Tue Jul 18 08:06:06 CEST 2006

Katja Lampela wrote:

> Obvious but anyway: Did you try the original password, not the md5
> value. You have to put the md5 in the localconf.php and then login with
> the "normal" word. And maybe you have to clear the cache-files also.

Changed the hash in localconf.php.
Clicked "Clear cache in typo3conf/"
= still temp_ files in typo3conf
Deleted all temp_* files in typo3conf
Clicked button "Clear cache in typo3conf/"
Enter password that generated hash in step 1.
Typo3 "thinks" a bit, then I'm back at the login prompt.

Martin S

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